Our Team

Molly Kusilka

A 2019 graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Film Studies and Media Production, Molly has been writing about film for 6 years. Now based in New York City where she works in casting for non-fiction programming, you’re most likely to find her at the movie theater in her spare time. She’s particularly interested in storytelling focused on women and marginalized groups.

Ella Thompson

Ambitious Capricorn and UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2020 graduate (Media Production and Asian Studies with a minor in Screenwriting), Ella is the tech-savvy member of the team. She's had the opportunity to work at Sundance, Tribeca, Pressman Film, NCFC, and Gotham FC and is passionate about ensemble shows/films and niche action dramas. She is currently based in both New York City and the Triangle as a sports videographer and editor learning coding and 3D animation in her spare time.