Top 5 Films to Look Forward to this Summer

Summer Movie Season Is Almost Upon Us…


Molly Kusilka

5/4/20224 min read

Yes, the time from around November through January known as Awards Season is the best movie season of them all. But I’m here to give a little acknowledgment to the under-appreciated summer movie season as it approaches. Despite the dreary landscape full of action blockbusters, comic book movies, and countless flops in between, there is still reason to be excited for summer movie season. Firstly, name a better feeling than the sudden rush of AC pumping from all directions as you walk through the theater doors after a sweaty walk in 90-degree heat to the local theater. Movie theater AC hits differently in the summer...what a rush. I can’t wait.

The next plus side is that the theater is typically less crowded. While people are at the beach, on vacations, and doing various outdoor activities…you get an empty, incredibly well-air conditioned theater to yourself. And lastly, amidst the multiple misses that you will inevitably sit through anyways if you have an AMC pass and have nothing better to do on a sweltering Sunday, there are actual gems scattered throughout this summer to look forward to. Surrounded by so many lackluster options, it will only make you appreciate the occasional good film you witness even more.

Here are my top 5 most anticipated films of the summer:


Release date: July 22, 2022

1. Nope (dir. Jordan Peele, Universal Pictures)

Jordan Peele’s 3rd feature looks to be a mind-bending horror film that will surely leave a mark. With Get Out and Us, Peele has cemented himself as a horror auteur, and there’s much-deserved hype surrounding his latest horror venture. Rumored to be inspired by the Skinwalker Ranch (google it and you’ll be even more intrigued), this is sure to be another deeply thought-provoking entry into the Peele horror canon. With an outstanding trailer that reveals just enough to leave us desperate to know more, this is promising to be a mythic, eerie, paranormal roller-coaster ride.

bodies bodies bodies

Release date: August 5, 2022

2. Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (dir. Halina Rejin, A24)

A modern feminist slasher horror from A24 with a stellar cast? Say less. Starring Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Pete Davidson, Rachel Sennott, Myha'la Herrold, Chase Sui Wonders, and Lee Pace, this is sure to be one of the most buzzed-about summer films. It premiered at SXSW in March to near-unanimous rave reviews, and just recently dropped an electric trailer dripping in neon and blood. Sign me up.


Release date: June 24, 2022

3. Elvis (dir. Baz Luhrmann, Warner Bros. Pictures) 

Might this be either a total flop, an Awards Season Darling, or somewhere in between? Absolutely, and regardless I will be seated at my local AMC to see such an ambitious undertaking. Much is riding on Austin Butler’s performance, which has the potential to be a career-defining turn as Elvis. I’d be lying if I wasn’t thoroughly impressed by the trailer, but we all know a well-edited trailer means nothing in terms of the final result. This one is unpredictable, and I’m thoroughly excited to see whether such a long-awaited, high-stakes project will succeed.


Release date: July 15, 2022

4. Persuasion (dir. Carrie Cracknell, Netflix)

Anything Jane Austen or Regency Era Romance is an immediate YES from me. Combine this with Dakota Johnson as the protagonist and Henry Golding as the love interest? This is one to keep your eyes on. Johnson’s involvement automatically lends credibility and excitement to the project. She has been making excellent career choices with one strong film after another. If she believed in this Netflix Jane Austen adaptation, so do I.

cha cha real smooth

Release date: June 17, 2022

5. Cha Cha Real Smooth (dir. Cooper Raiff, Apple TV+)

What did I say about Dakota Johnson in the cast being the sign of a movie being good? Case in point: Cha Cha Real Smooth was a Sundance Darling, met with glowing reviews. Starring Dakota Johnson and Cooper Raiff, who directs the film as well, this looks like the quintessential Sundance movie - a low-budget indie gem, swimming with existential themes that make us question our existence. I’m hoping it gets a theatrical run along with its Apple TV+ release because this writer does not have Apple TV (Let’s be honest, do many of us?). With an intriguing premise and decent buzz around it, this is one to watch. Let’s hope us non-Apple TV users have access to it!